Green Recycling LLC

About us

The Founding of Green Recycling LLC
In 1998 Green Recycling Llc was founded and has since then been steadily growing as an internationally active recycling company with branches in many countries around the world.


We are successfully represented on the international market with the procurement and marketing of non-ferrous metal, alloy and steel scrap. All types of other valuable materials such as cardboard, paper, plastic waste and other residual materials are also separated on our warehouse area approved under the Federal Immission Control Act with state-of-the-art equipment and analysis technology and prepared for further use.


Another focus of our company is the disposal and reworking of production waste from the foundry industry. Green Recycling Llc is an experienced waste management company of well-known industry associations and certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008.



Future-oriented thinking and acting must deal with recycling in every case - that's why we are your competent partner.

The conservation of raw material reserves and the low energy consumption make a considerable contribution to the respectful treatment of the environment.

Green Recycling Llc is your partner in the responsible exploitation of valuable secondary raw materials. 
We specialize in the disposal and recycling of metals, alloy / steel scrap, as well as valuable and residual materials of all kinds.

Green Recycling Llc reduces waste and recovers valuable raw materials.

We operate metal recycling and waste disposal with the most modern means. Our integrated overall concept assures you not only professional disposal of a wide variety of waste, but also smooth container logistics and the safety of a certified disposal specialist.

Green Recycling Llc gives you the opportunity to benefit from a worldwide sales and export network.

We work just in time - you can count on us.



The integrated total disposal concept of Green Recycling Llc encompasses everything from the first waste management consulting through logistics and container management to environmentally sound disposal or recycling. We offer everything necessary to plan and carry out your disposal task professionally.

An optimized material cycle is the central point of our work.

With our concepts you get:

· Cost-effective and professional waste disposal 
· best returns through direct marketing 
· individual support from procurement to disposal 
· high flexibility and reliability 
· fast response  times
· individual quality management 
· the safety of a certified disposal specialist


Integrated total disposal concept means: Perfect waste management, just-in-time reaction, optimization of material flows through recycling according to ecological and economical aspects in the sense of the environment. You benefit from our know-how on the way to future-oriented raw material recovery.



  • We have been your partner for dismantling, metal recycling and cable recycling since 1998.
  • buy your metal and paper waste. Deliver directly to us on the course or let us pick up your waste.
  • provide you with containers for companies or construction sites free of charge.
  • weigh their scrap and paper waste on our site with a 40 ton truck / car scale or a 3 ton scale.
  • dismantle machinery, equipment and steel structures.
  • process cable waste
  • provide containers for all waste
  • help you to set up heavy machinery