Green Recycling LLC

Why recycle your old computers and scrap electronics?

E-scrap, such as old laptops and smartphones, contains toxic heavy metals and chemicals. If burned in incinerators or disposed of in landfills these toxic substances may be released into the air and groundwater, creating unnecessary threats to our health and environment.

Thus, when disposing of your so-called e-waste, you should approach certified electronics recyclers who follow media sanitization standards (SERI R2, NIST 800-88) and keep updated State DEQ permits to collect and process electronic scrap. This ensures that your scrap will not be dumped.


GREEN RECYCLING LLCElectronics Recycling operates a Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Management System that complies with the requirements of the RIOS:2016 and R2:2013 standards. The cornerstone of our program is our QEH&S Policy, which can be found here. This policy describes our commitments to all of our stakeholders.



PSM (GREEN RECYCLING LLCScrap Management) has built relationships with scrap consumers, logistics providers, and scrap dealers across the United States. We leverage over 100 years of scrap management expertise to analyze, design, implement and oversee custom solutions that offer optimal return on investment. Our experts oversee scrap recycling for to


Recycling Home Electronics


How to recycle my old electronics?

Computers, monitors, towers, terminals, TVs, VCRs, phones, circuit boards. Bring your old electronics to one of our 14 Recycling Centers located throughout Michigan.


Our Electronics scrap experts dismantle and process your e-scrap in our state-of-the-art, recycling facility. Our process provides for the secure destruction of your personal, proprietary, sensitive, or classified information.



IT Asset Management


How to dispose of my company's e-scrap?

Many companies have a room filled with old computers, old servers and all kinds of obsolete electronic equipment that they can't get rid of because of data security or proper disposition concerns.


We provide environmentally responsible solutions for the disposition of old IT assets. Our process provides for the secure destruction of personal, proprietary, sensitive, or classified information of manufacturing companies, large and small businesses, municipalities, and governmental agencies.