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Ingots Scrap

Aluminum Scrap

Buyers can contact us for obtaining Ingots Scrap in bulk quantity. We have been serving in this domain for a long time. We deliver things within the given period. Punctuality and quality are the keywords of our functionality. We source it from reliable vendors. We assort and test the scrap to make sure that the client gets zero defect material.


  • ADC12 Aluminum ingots
  • Primary Aluminum ingots 99.9%
  • Secondary Aluminum ingots 99.7%
  • Premium quality Aluminum ingots
  • Pure Aluminum ingots
  • Pure lead ingot 99.99%
  • High Quality Lead Ingot 99.99%
  • Antimony lead ingot
  • Remelted lead ingots ( Pb 99,97% )
  • Zinc ingots 99.99%
  • Zinc alloy ingot 99.99% 99.995%