Green Recycling LLC

Plastics Recycling Products and Services

Full-service plastics recycling, sorting, grinding and compounding

We employ the best technology the industry has to offer to develop programs that maximize cost savings by efficiently collecting and utilizing plastic scrap.


Our management system has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard  for reprocessing and distribution of scrap plastic.


GREEN RECYCLING LLCPlastics Quality Policy

At GREEN RECYCLING LLCPlastics, we are committed to our customers by providing products and solutions that add value to their processes.


Our quality systems provide the framework for our business management system.


Guided by leadership, our goal for continuous improvement of our processes and products is an integral piece of our sustainability and growth.


Plastic Processors

Injection Molders
Roto Molders
Blow Molders


Value-based Solutions
Consistent Streams

HDPE (SF, HMW, Frac Melt)
PA (PA6, PA66, GF, MF) 
POM (Unfilled, Filled)


International Sales

Experienced International Traders
In-house Freight Fowarding Services
2000-4000 lb Bales

Export Buyers: Please complete our