Green Recycling LLC

Scrap Management

Innovative Scrap Management Solutions For Your Company

GREEN RECYCLING LLCis an established scrap management company with proven scrap management services for industrial and commercial manufacturing companies that generate scrap, such as scrap metal, scrap paper and scrap plastic, as a byproduct of their manufacturing process.


PSM (GREEN RECYCLING LLCScrap Management) has built relationships with scrap consumers, logistics providers, and scrap dealers across the United States. We leverage over 100 years of scrap management expertise to analyze, design, implement and oversee custom solutions that offer optimal return on investment. Our experts oversee scrap recycling for top manufacturing companies with varying geographically dispersed locations. Look to PSM for a turn-key, comprehensive scrap management solution for your specific needs. We understand scrap value and the best, most efficient way of recycling it.



Global and Local Scrap Management Services


  • Closed Loop Recycling Process-Cradle to Cradle.
  • Negotiate with local processors to achieve the best program and plan for your market.
  • Create recycling solutions anywhere in the world with developed and established trade routes.



Reliable, Established Services


  • Create custom recycling plans that balance your people, our planet and your bottom line.
  • A century of experience in sensible sustainability.
  • PSM reports put you in the driver seat for continuous improvement objectives.



Environmental & Sensible Sustainability Solutions


  • Reach Sustainability Goals and reduce landfill cost with PADNOS.
  • Equipment consulting services.
  • Strategic Asset Utilization - We invest in equipment for your plant.
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention: Custom designed rain collection systems.
  • Custom Equipment: shop tubs, totes, hoppers, racking systems, rolloffs, lugger boxes, lids and other customer equipment.



Custom Engineering


  • Create custom equipment to solve your space, logistics or environmental needs.
  • Proprietary in-house engineering services and processes (R&D).
  • IXL Dedicated Engineering Group manufactures specialized/replacement equipment.
  • Custom container development program.
  • Turn your scrap into a higher value product ready for trade.